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“FROM COVER TO COVER”, sees veteran Juno award winning album designer Michael “A Man Called” Wrycraft draws tracks from over 550 albums he’s designed and weaves stories in and out of the music, as well as live tracks from the 45 multi-artist tribute concerts MIchael’s presented at Hugh’s Room in Toronto! From Cover To Cover’s programming comes from a very unique perspective! Michael will be playing music exclusively from the vast number of artists he has designed album covers/packages for (almost 8000 tunes to choose from and growing every year). He also plays a healthy dose of fantastic rare live “cover” tunes by some of your favourite contemporary roots artists from his collection of live recordings from over 45 multi-artist concerts at Hugh’s Room in Toronto (almost 700 to choose from and growing every year) that cannot be heard anywhere else but on this show. Hence “From Cover To Cover” a very unique show with music unheard anywhere else! 

Michael says:

“Those who know me, know I live, breathe and LOVE music. I listen to music, design for music, produce, promote and curate live shows, attend and emcee festivals and live concerts and sing or listen almost (gotta sleep sometime) 24/7… 365 days a year.  What I LOVE the most about music is variety… the wide gamut of music that exists in this big beautiful world. It tickles me… thrills me, satisfies me and in many ways completes me. It’s food for the soul, for the heart, for the spirit. This show reflects my personal relationship to music. In other words… this is not a FOLK show, a BLUES show or a ROCK show or any specific genre. This is a big old box of aural chocolates. A little folk… a little singer-songwriter… a little soul… a little weird… a LITTLE OF EVERYTHING! This is what thrills me about music and I’m hoping you’ll come along for the ride!”


Bio: Over the last 23 years Michael Wrycraft aka A Man Called Wrycraft, a graphic designer who specializes in music, has designed close to 600 album packages for a virtual who’s who of the International Folk, Roots, Blues & Songer-Songwriter world. Along the way, he has collected five Juno Nominations, and one Juno Award as well as numerous American and Regional Nominations and Awards. His first (of eight) album designs for Bruce Cockburn spent a year on exhibit in MoMa (The Museum Of Modern Art) in New York. You probably own an album or poster designed by Michael. He has sung background vocals on 15 recordings, executive produced 3 critically-acclaimed recordings and has emceed the Main Stage at countless Folk & Music Festivals right across Canada as well as been Curator, Producer, Promoter and Emcee of over 45 recorded live multi-artist concerts at Hugh’s Room in Toronto and on tour. To catch up with Michael, visit his website at

Missed a show? Click below to hear From Cover To Cover & Radio Wrycraft On Demand:

From Cover To Cover & Radio Wrycraft On Demand



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