The Midnight Caller with Glenn Talsky & Karen Bijai

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Glenn Talsky


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Glenn and KarenGlenn Talsky has a day job, but is a musician at night, with his own recording studio, where he produces and engineers. He shares his new radio show, The Midnight Caller, with Karen Bijai.
Karen Bijai works full time as a nutritionist/chef, and has written her own cookbook. Her love of music has led her to share The Midnight Caller radio show with Glenn Talsky.

I can remember going to see bands in the 70’s, buying their albums, because they were on the radio, bands like Wireless, Lynx, Santers and Frank Soda. To be truthful I haven’t hard any of these bands on any radio station in the last 30 years. The Midnight Caller radio show by Karen Bijai and Glenn Talsky brings back these songs to radio with fond memories. We will play cassettes, Vinyl, even reel to reel. There is so much great music out there by legends as well as new indie artists or Demos, that’s what makes our show so unique. We are given the all clear by head office to play what we want and we take full advantage of that. For example, on Canada Day we played the national anthem, when did you hear that last on radio?  So check it out and let us know what you enjoy about our show.

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Tune in Sundays at 12a/6a/12p/6p, all times Eastern.


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