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The Vinyl Experience. The radio show all about LP records and the culture of analog recording.  Dubbed from original vinyl on collectors Hi Fi gear, New York radio host Paul Cavalconte tells a new story with records each week–your story, and mine.

Paul Cavalconte has collected and played records since “Scruffy The Tugboat” on a yellow plastic 7 inch 78 rpm record.  And that was last year.  No seriously, he was 4.  He took it into the bathtub every Saturday night.  It was a real clean record.

At 19 he became a DJ in New York City on WFUV.  At 52, he also became a DJ in New York City on WFUV.  What goes around comes around.  Everything in-between was real good, BTW.  If he had it to do all over again, he probably would.  But he’d keep an eye on a couple of things….

The Records Tell the Story.


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Hear it unfold, revolution by revolution, on The Vinyl Experience, around the clock at 9 and 3, Sundays on Radio That Doesn’t

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