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One “Listen Live” link for ALL! Coming this week RTDS can be heard in the US natively!

One “Listen Live” link for ALL! Coming this week RTDS can be heard in the US natively!

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You probably know that RTDS is heard in the United States via our channel, as they include our US performance and publishing royalties as part of our monthly streaming package.  But the sound quality is not as good as we could do ourselves and you have to login to Live365 to listen or use the Flash player on our site, which means that Apple devices can’t tune in.  NO more…

We’ve negotiated our own licensing in the US, so as of Tuesday August 12th you can listen natively in the US via the Listen Live link that currently says “Listen Live – Canada/World”, AND in higher quality, AND because it’s HTML 5, it works natively on ALL devices via a browser!!

playersThis also means that we will be BACK on iTunes radio, and you can easily hear us via Apple TV, Roku, etc. or hook us up to your home theatre system…if you have a better system than your computer.

However with gain comes a little pain – our stream address WILL CHANGE.  If you use the built in player via our website, nothing needs to be done on your end.  If you have entered or bookmarked the Listen Live link directly, or entered it into a WiFi radio, you’ll need to update the link on Tuesday to:

If you have ANY trouble listening, drop a line anytime to feedback AT radiothatdoesntsuck DOT com or call us at 1-866-269-6155.  Thank you for your patience and support we’d be “nowhere man” without you 🙂

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