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One “Listen Live” link for ALL! Coming this week RTDS can be heard in the US natively!

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You probably know that RTDS is heard in the United States via our channel, as they include our US performance and publishing royalties as part of our monthly streaming package.  But the sound quality is not as good as we could do ourselves and you have to login to Live365 to listen or use the Flash player on our site, which means that Apple devices can’t tune in.  NO more…

We’ve negotiated our own licensing in the US, so as of Tuesday August 12th you can listen natively in the US via the Listen Live link that currently says “Listen Live – Canada/World”, AND in higher quality, AND because it’s HTML 5, it works natively on ALL devices via a browser!!

playersThis also means that we will be BACK on iTunes radio, and you can easily hear us via Apple TV, Roku, etc. or hook us up to your home theatre system…if you have a better system than your computer.

However with gain comes a little pain – our stream address WILL CHANGE.  If you use the built in player via our website, nothing needs to be done on your end.  If you have entered or bookmarked the Listen Live link directly, or entered it into a WiFi radio, you’ll need to update the link on Tuesday to:

If you have ANY trouble listening, drop a line anytime to feedback AT radiothatdoesntsuck DOT com or call us at 1-866-269-6155.  Thank you for your patience and support we’d be “nowhere man” without you 🙂

Sticky: Midge Ure, Ultravox frontman and solo artist joins Todd Miller in The Vinyl Vault Thursday!


The Vinyl Vault On Demand

fragile front coverMidge Ure, co-writer with Sir Bob Geldof of one of the most popular songs ever, Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, Ultravox frontman, one time band member of Thin Lizzy, and prolific solo artist drops by The Vinyl Vault to discuss his brand new release “Fragile” coming out August 19th on Hypertension Records, distributed by
e One music in North America.
  MIdge joins us at 9a ET, with repeats at 3p/9p Thursday, and 3a Friday.  If you miss it, it will be On Demand at the link below…

Midge is also on one of this summer’s hottest tours, “RetroFutura” along with Howard Jones, Tom Bailey from The Thompson Twins, China Crisis, Katrina ex- of Katrina & The Waves and Right The Stars.  RTS were Midge’s backing band during his last solo North American tour, and they are not to be missed!  Get ticket info at and catch the tour right here in Toronto at Kool Haus on August 26th, it’s going to be a busy night!

To catch up with Midge:

Visit his website at
Find him on Facebook at
Tweet him here:

His biography, “If I Was” is available right HERE on Amazon: if i was midgeUltravox_dancing

If you miss it, the show will be On Demand below on Friday:

The Vinyl Vault On Demand
Tune in Thursdays at 9a/3p/9p and 3a Friday, all times Eastern.

2 new shows! “From Cover To Cover” & “Radio Wrycraft” join RTDS – #Roots #Folk #Blues & more on Fridays!

michael painting 1Here we GROW again, and Fridays will never be the same on RTDS, as we’re expanding our #Roots, #Folk and #Blues programming, returning to our ‘roots’!  You’ll remember our friends at Roots Music Canada presented “Roots Music Thursdays” on RTDS for many months, and we proudly make a home for one of their shows, “From Cover To Cover”, featuring Michael Wrycraft – One hour of eclectic music, stories and exclusive live selections from a unique point of view, as well as a brand new show heard nowhere else.         cover2cover





“FROM COVER TO COVER”, sees veteran Juno award winning album designer Michael “A Man Called” Wrycraft draws tracks from over 550 albums he’s designed and weaves stories in and out of the music, as well as live tracks from the 45 multi-artist tribute concerts MIchael’s presented at Hugh’s Room in Toronto! From Cover To Cover’s programming comes from a very unique perspective! Michael will be playing music exclusively from the vast number of artists he has designed album covers/packages for (almost 8000 tunes to choose from and growing every year). He also plays a healthy dose of fantastic rare live “cover” tunes by some of your favourite contemporary roots artists from his collection of live recordings from over 45 multi-artist concerts at Hugh’s Room in Toronto (almost 700 to choose from and growing every year) that cannot be heard anywhere else but on this show. Hence “From Cover To Cover” a very unique show with music unheard anywhere else! 

radio wrycraft

“RADIO WRYCRAFT” Michael then decided that FCTC was not enough, as he wanted to add to the diversity that is RTDS, and create a companion show that flexes its musical muscles, and goes deeper and more eclectic than FCTC. Think of it as a lovingly-crafted mix-tape from a well informed passionate and professional music lover!  An hour of genre-resistant, damn good music rubbing up against more damn good music!



Michael says:

“Those who know me, know I live, breathe and LOVE music. I listen to music, design for music, produce, promote and curate live shows, attend and emcee festivals and live concerts and sing or listen almost (gotta sleep sometime) 24/7… 365 days a year.  What I LOVE the most about music is variety… the wide gamut of music that exists in this big beautiful world. It tickles me… thrills me, satisfies me and in many ways completes me. It’s food for the soul, for the heart, for the spirit. This show reflects my personal relationship to music. In other words… this is not a FOLK show, a BLUES show or a ROCK show or any specific genre. This is a big old box of aural chocolates. A little folk… a little singer-songwriter… a little soul… a little weird… a LITTLE OF EVERYTHING! This is what thrills me about music and I’m hoping you’ll come along for the ride!”


Bio: Over the last 23 years Michael Wrycraft aka A Man Called Wrycraft, a graphic designer who specializes in music, has designed close to 600 album packages for a virtual who’s who of the International Folk, Roots, Blues & Songer-Songwriter world. Along the way, he has collected five Juno Nominations, and one Juno Award as well as numerous American and Regional Nominations and Awards. His first (of eight) album designs for Bruce Cockburn spent a year on exhibit in MoMa (The Museum Of Modern Art) in New York. You probably own an album or poster designed by Michael. He has sung background vocals on 15 recordings, executive produced 3 critically-acclaimed recordings and has emceed the Main Stage at countless Folk & Music Festivals right across Canada as well as been Curator, Producer, Promoter and Emcee of over 45 recorded live multi-artist concerts at Hugh’s Room in Toronto and on tour. To catch up with Michael, visit his website at

LIVE from the stage today on “Classic FM” – ELP, Genesis, Procol Harum, Tom Petty and MORE! 9a/3p/9p ET

ted liveph liveheart live

LIVE Ted Nugent, The Hooters, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Procol Harum, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Joni Mitchell, Heart – Classic FM has it today at 9a/3p/9p and 3a Thursday!

gene gene

TODAY in the “Sound Museum” with Michael Tearson – BBC Sessions 70’s & 80’s on

THIS WEEK on a freshly baked soufflé of BBC sessions from the 70’s and 80’s. Appearing bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, Magazine, Ultravox, women like Sandie Shaw, Annie Lennox, Kiki Dee and men like Richard Thompson, Brian Eno, Gary Numan and Robert Wyatt. Debuts Tuesday on stream 9a/3p/9p/3a ET, then to on demand Wednesday. SPREAD THE WORD! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


Michael on RTDS

Canadian Music Week (CMW) 2014 Recap…

CWM2014Wow, what an incredible week at CMW!  Paul Williams interviewing Nile Rodgers?  Check!  Ross Porter interviewing Quincy Jones? Check!  Jian Ghomeshi interviewing DeadMau5? CHECK!  Gary Vaynerchuk educating media folks aboRTDSut social media and pulling NO punches? Yup.  David Shing, The Digital Prophet?  He was there and he had some hard statistics to back up his views. And RTDS was there to cover as much as we could!





DSC_1404 DSC_1405

In The Fireside Chat, renowned musician, composer, arranger, and guitarist, Nile Rodgers, considered one of the most influential music producers in the history of popular music, sat down with legendary songwriter and performer Paul Williams. A hitmaker in every sense of the word, his career spans multiple decades shaping the style and works of some of the industry’s greats – from Madonna to Diana Ross, and David Bowie to Daft Punk. In a Q&A session – and accompanied by The Hitmaker (his trusty Fender Stratocaster) – the music legend discussed his illustrious calling and how “Get Lucky” has become the most significant song of his career. The effervescent and effusive Nile Rodgers dished on his incredible career with CHIC, the start of his music career, the trials and tribulations of working with others, and his incredible relationship with Bernard Edwards.





In a sit down, career retrospective, 27 time Grammy winner Quincy Jones, know as “Q” to all in the industry, chatted with Ross Porter at length about his stellar career, and producing the new LP from Nikki Yanofsky. He talked about having Steven Speilberg direct Q’s first movie; meeting Igor Stravinsky; working with Michael Jackson; Marlon Brando teaching Q’s child to act; and how Tupac almost became his son in law.  And Q took questions from the audience too!  An incredible chat that you just had to be there to experience, but I’m sure if you head over to YouTube you can find parts of the interview online.  Ok, we made it easy for you, check below for the YouTube interview, but next year you gotta promise to be there yourself and not wait for the vid, ‘k?!




The Radio Interactive Summit was an eye opener for radio and artists alike.  Everyone knows that AM/FM listening has been slowly declining, which means that artists have lost a good channel for exposure, as more and more listeners are connecting their smartphones to their cars, either through cables or BlueTooth.  But there is good news – 83% of people that drive STILL listen to AM/FM in the car, and the longer they drive the more likely they are to listen, and the number one reason they still listen is for the MUSIC.  So radio and DJs need to find creative ways to keep listeners tuned in during breaks from the music.  Finally, by 2020 likely all cars will offer connectivity to smart devices, so many more choices will be available at listeners fingertips.

shingDavid Shing talked about how much digital overload there is on a daily basis. On average, people receive 1900 media messages come in, as text, email, phone, social media, advertising, etc. Many important messages from friends and family are missed, but where does that leave radio and artists trying to get more attention?

Artists and radio need to get more people to advocate for your brand, get them to be fans and spread the work organically.  Ask fans and listeners to send selfie videos and pics, offer content that is contagious, stuff that people care about.

vayner vaynerGary Vaynerchuk talked about the various social media platforms, how they varied, how they were similar and that not all people need to be on all platforms.  His no holds barred opinions and choice use of f-bombs was refreshing and disarming at the same time.  I’m sure a lot of the attendees were taken aback by this approach, but he certainly knows what he’s talking about, and has stayed current with all platforms and how they can help artists and brands.







mau5 mau5And, Deadmau5 was in the hau5 talking about his incredible career so far, #EDM, taking control of his career including subscription based services, DRM and more.  Artists need to check out the vid below…

Looking forward to CMW 2015!  For more info about CMW, head over to

Radio Interactive Summit at CMW2014 – the ultimate venue for connecting to radio, May 7-8

radio interactiveRadio Interactive 2014, featuring two days of the finest Radio networking and education, is the ultimate venue for connecting with Radio. There’s no better place to interact one-on-one with hundreds of radio professionals – from station management and CEOs to program directors and radio consultants.
Radio Interactive has been a part of Canadian Music Week for 32 years and draws together the top names in both Canadian and International broadcasting annually for an incisive look at the present and future of broadcasting and related platforms. Our event is respected worldwide, and has been the best opportunity for broadcasters and those in related fields to interact not only with each other, but with the movers and shakers from all aspects of the entertainment industry.The list of the industry’s most important players who have spoken to our delegates far exceeds the list of those who have not simply because of the opportunities we offer for knowledge to be shared and for business to be done in the friendliest, most positive atmosphere of any other conference anywhere.
For more info, go HERE or click the logo above!
Follow @RadioSummit


We believe in music licensing, so should YOU!

socanWe believe artists need to be fairly compensated for their work, as a lot of us here at RTDS are songwriters and artists too!  That’s why we voluntarily approached SOCAN to ask to be licensed, and we’ve been licensed since!  We’re also a licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESEC and SoundExchange network.  We believe all other internet radio stations should be licensed too – not only is it morally the right thing to do, it’s also the legal thing to do.  Be legal – pay for the music you play.

From RTDS and all the artists we play, we thank you sincerely for supporting our mission of bringing you one of the deepest libraries on the planet, B sides, one hit wonders, albums tracks and vital new indie music.


rtds logo

Canadian Music Week (CMW) May 6 – 10 2014, Toronto ON!

cmw2014 It’s that time of year again, but this year CMW is happening a little later than usual, when the weather is better!  No more March music festivals 🙂  So, even more reason to get your band out there, make connections, see some amazing shows, meet the movers and shakers in the movie industry and GET DISCOVERED!  The Vinyl Vault will be featuring selected highlights after the festival, including some amazing interviews, and of course some amazing music, both old and new!

Now in its 32nd year, CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK is recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music. We bring together Sound Recording, New Media and Broadcast for one spectacular week of events… Combining informative, intensive conferences, a cutting edge trade exhibition, award shows, film festival, comedy festival and Canada’s biggest New Music Festival. The Canadian Music Week festival spans 5 nights of performances, with 1,000 showcasing bands at more than 60 live music venues in downtown Toronto.  All convention functions take place at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre.


Selected Hightlights

This year’s Celebrity Interview: Quincy Jones!


With a career spanning six decades, 79 Grammy nominations and 27 Grammys, including a Grammy Legend Award, the world-renowned Quincy Jones has made countless contributions to the entertainment industry as an American record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, television producer, film producer, instrumentalist, magazine founder, record company executive, humanitarian, and jazz trumpeter.

Fireside Chat with Nile Rodgers & Paul Williams

nile  Paul

All YOU need to do is head over to to register and get your weekend passes to the hottest music, film and comedy festivals in the world!  We’ll see YOU there!

National Blues Museum Radio with host Christian Cudnik now on RTDS, Saturdays at 10 am ET!

ccudnikWhat can you expect to hear on NBM Radio? Only the unexpected my friends!  You’ll hear some blues you’ve never heard before, as well as some more recent and well known material, such as Junior Wells, Deacon John Moore, Big Momma Thornton, Robert Cray, Curley Weaver, Albert King, Ben Harper, Rev. Robert Wilkins and so much more.

In December of 2013, Christian Cudnik became the Executive Producer and Host of National Blues Museum Radio.

His early radio influences were Orson Welles, Chuck Thompson, Paul Harvey and Jon Miller. Christian began his broadcasting career in Baltimore, Maryland. During the early 1990’s, he worked at heritage rock station WIYY before moving to Philadelphia. In 1998, he joined WMMR and a legendary broadcasting line up featuring Pierre Robert and Earle Bailey. Kevin Gunn and Steve Lushbaugh are considered major production influences.

Christian attained the number-one-ranked afternoon radio program in Philadelphia, and was nominated for two AIR Awards including, “Best Field Reporting” and “Best Evening Program-Host.” In 2003, he moved to St. Louis where he hosted programs on St. Louis Public Radio for a decade.

He was awarded two Regional Emmy Awards and three Telly Awards for his television work. His documentaries have aired on PBS, and include “Enduring Tradition: Ballet in the Heartland”, “Collective Improvisation: The Story of Jazz in Saint Louis”, “Seeking Freedom”, “Uncovering Ancient Saint Louis”, “Wallace Herndon Smith: Artist Without Boundaries”,and “Footsteps into the World Beneath”.

In 2010, Christian co- founded the non profit art organization, Ballet Initiative. Ballet Initiative trains dancers to dance and works to raise the profile ballet. In August of 2013, he created the first audio podcast devoted to the art of ballet.

His interviews include David Robertson, Semyon Bychkov, Joshua Bell, REM, Hamiet Bluiett, Roger Waters, Graham Nash, Pokey LaFarge, Peter Boal, Ashley Bouder, Jacques d’Amboise, Jennifer Homans,Tiler Peck, Jock Soto, Nancy Buirski, Jennie Somogyi and Heather Watts.

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