Playing Music That Matters... is a licensed SOCAN, ASCAP, BMI, SESEC and SoundExchange network.

Announcement: We’re Licensed! Here’s why…

Announcement: We’re Licensed! Here’s why…

Music licensing is important…it confirms, financially, the rights owned by creators and copyright holders to do what they wish with music and be compensated thusly. We at RTDS are completely in favour of paying creators and owners for the use of their works, as we are a music discovery service at our core, playing works that people need to hear.

We are licensed to SOCAN’s Tariff 22f and Re:Sound’s Tariff 8, which ensure our usage of copyrighted material compensates these rights holders WORLDWIDE, as both of these agencies have reciprocal agreements with partner agencies across the globe.

Pirate radio has come a long way…we may view ourselves as radio pirates in one sense, but morally we do the right thing, and so should ALL music services!


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